About Us

Green and Friendly

We offer affordable and effective Eco-friendly pest solutions and exterminating services to businesses, industrial, residential, real estate developments and more in Middle Tennessee.

Our experienced technicians provide customized integrated pest management services backed with a comprehensive protection plan.


Evergreen Pest Solutions is proud to offer EcoSMART’s complete line of interior and exterior botanical products. EcoSMART pesticide products have a proven efficacy, broad spectrum activity while producing the lowest environmental and mammalian toxicity.

University research and field usage have proven botanical products perform as well as conventional products. Most importantly, there is no known pest resistance to EcoSMART’s botanical active ingredient. And they are harmless to children and pets.

Unlike botanical products in the past, the application costs of botanical products are comparable to conventional products.

Inspection Visit

Our expert pest control technicians conduct a comprehensive inspection checking various points that pests like to congregate and possible entry points such as kitchens and bathrooms.


A single raisin can feed 580 cockroaches for a day – just imagine what they could do with your average spills and mishaps.


Pests need water to survive and actively seek out water sources such as water fountains/coolers, drains, air conditioner condensation and nearly every kind of plumbing.


Many pests seek out places to live that are small, dark, and unknown. For instance, any little crack or crevice can protect pests from the untrained eye, leaving them free to breed.

Termite Treatments/Services

• Liquid
• Bait and monitoring
• Pre-construction
• WDI inspection and report

Our Guarantee

Evergreen Pest Solutions stands by its total service satisfaction guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with certain areas, we will gladly re-treat them at no extra charge.

The team at Evergreen Pest Solutions is dedicated to taking care of you!